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The Online No Bull Collection


Hi Mick,
That was one hell of an article on Anadrol 50 mate. Personally at 45 I've just in the middle of my first cycle since College Football in the Big 10 in 1974 through 1976 when both knees went and I couldn't walk and I had to give up something that I had been doing since 7th grade. I was in an auto accident in 1982 due too a drunken driver going the wrong way on the interstate. I was leery about doing a cycle from a wheelchair but got some great advice from some of the guys and then a professor of metabolic and physiological changes with A.A.S. medications. I started a 8 week cycle with the infamous dbol at 40mg a day and now starting week 3 introduced 50 mg of Winny ever other day and to tell you the truth I'm having a lot of fun.

The wreck left me paralyzed from the neck down. At first I couldn't lift my arm and if I could have I at the time would have put a bullet right through my head. After 3 months of extensive rehab in Inglewood CO I started lifting without steroids. Very very small gains but I kept up the natural process with supplements for weight because I lost about 100 lbs in the hospital. Then my friends built a gym in my basement knowing that bench press well most everything. Slowly things started coming around. Pretty soon I was lifting 20 lbs with the dumbbells and then I started thinking about using what the Good Lord left me to the ut-most. now in the middle of my first cycle in over 20 years and I'm getting some good gains without risking much because I naturally drink over a gallon of water a day. I drink high proteins shakes and eat meat, chicken, anything with protein and I take one day out of the week and eat mashed potatoes, Fried chicken, vegetables, fruit, things that because of colitis I have got to be careful. Your an inspiration to me and have been throughout my lifting days. And that's more than most are told.

I did take a long break though and fell into a deep depression and had to sell my Harley-Davidsonís, two of them. They were my babies. Now I want to tell you briefly that life has given me a chance at being a father and referee! Ha Ha! My boy is 14 and 5'10" and about 150 lbs so I see genetics. My wife is 6' and I'm 6'1" and about 250 lbs right now. I believe that the water weight retention is probably gone hopefully and what I've got I deserve.

Well Mick you have always been a big part of my life because your somebody who really took the time and effort to know your sport. When I went to College the trainers and Drís. had the rigs in the locker pre-loaded with oral on the side. Plus it was all legal. Now we have to watch are kids from ecstasy, P.C.P., meth and crack now they want to bust us. I don't get it. Take care my friend. I plan on another cycle with some Sus, and a few other's but I also know that I'm getting older but I don't feel older. From a friend who admires your stability, knowledge, hard hard work, work didn't put me in this chair some drunk that is still out there still drinking and driving from what I here. One sweet day his ass will be mine. Thanks for everything Mick.
Your friend, Tanner.

Dear Tanner,
You have more balls than many I know who are not in chairs my old mate. For someone to have drive and determination such as yourself makes it even more awe inspiring to me personally and makes my workouts seem that little bit easier mate. You have my sincerest best wishes and admiration.
I get phone calls from losers who cannot grasp the simple fact that you only get out of life what you put into it and training is a big part of said life my friend. You have already overcome the hardest battle and that is to not give up. It is I who admires YOUR hard work sir - without doubt.

No association at all with any topic here -
I just think that Bin Laden is a TOTAL cunt!

Dear Mick,
I am 58 years old and have been training for 40 years - never taken any gear! I still train hard and quite heavy, I am 5' 11' 100kg. As you can imagine I am starting to get some discomfort during training especially elbows and found it more difficult to maintain the same muscularity even with a good diet and cardio work.
I have read your book (Laymanís Guide), seen the video and subscribed to NO Bull mag, which I found informative and amusing. However because of my age I am more curious about steroids, and although I have read your cycle for the older man there are certain aspects of it that I am unsure about.
1. I notice you did not include Deca? Would this not help my joint problem? How much - 200mg per week?
2. You highly recommended Andriol (I like the wet woobine analogy!) but some sites on the net suggest that it is ineffective - I know that has not been your experience!
3. Why do you recommend Testoviron instead of for example sustanon for the older man? How much 250mg per week?
I would like to try a cycle, and would appreciate your advice. I am sorry to ask so many questions but I simply like to understand what I am taking and how it works also over the years I have seen the side affects in various gyms of over use or abuse, and being older have concerns about my prostate health and coming off cycle without adverse affects.
yours sincerely
Drew Davidson

Hey Drew,
First of all, thanks for subscribing - it helps believe me mate. As for the joint problems, yes I know, I have the same problems and deca will indeed help - a lot. It would be no problem to add the deca to the older mans cycle, but I did not put it in for any other reason but there are so many cycles that will work for WE older man.
As for your age, taking gear is easier really the older you are as I have said many times we lose the high levels of natural testosterone as we get older. Using gear only boost those levels back to normal really. Great for feeling younger too! The side effects thing is greatly reduced and even taken out when the proper dosages and systems are used. As for Deca, in that stack I would suggest 200mg every fifth day to be honest with one of those shots being put into the same syringe as the first shot of testoviron. The reason I say testoviron on this occasion is simple, I find that using test gives me that much more mass and quality muscle and quality muscle will create more mass thinning the skin as it grows. It works well for me and does not produce to much water retention if it is not abused. Sustanon gives me great strength gains as well as mass, but I feel that the test has the edge that little bit more mate.
Andriol? They donít know their fucking arse from their elbows Drew. Why? Because all they want to do is use the heaviest, most toxic gears they can in the thought that they can do it no other way. Twats! If it takes a little bit longer, it does and Andriol IS known as one of the safest steroids about and it WORKS believe me. Do we have to use the hardest and most toxic gears - no we donít. Thatís why people using my cycles donít get shit side effects AND they grow - in safety.

Dear Mr. Hart,
My question is regarding those energy bars that are supposed to help you through a workout. The guy at the gym I go to says that they are perfect for bodybuilders as they contain ALL that is needed for a workout. He also tells me that the sugar in these bars is not the same sugar as that which make you fat - is he right?
I figure that what he tells me is a bit suspect as at £2.50 per bar, I would think that he would say that. Love the mag - keep up the good work.
Andy Walker,

Dear Mr. Walker,
You have answered it yourself mate - of course he would say that; at that price he would! The sugar in those bars is sugar - plain and simple. Whether it is white or brown, it is sugar and if you take to much, you will get fat I can guarantee that.
I agree that they will help you get through a workout but they are only as good as say a bagel! I know the convenience is there but donít be fooled. Researchers at a state university in the States did some research on bars like these and found that you can get exactly the same amount of energy from a bagel as from an energy bar. There was no difference in the tests. Personally, some of the shit that I have tasted over the years is just that - shit! Cardboard would be a good description to be honest. No disrespect to you mate, but some people can be fooled so bad that if an advert said that having a wank with a sticky glove dipped in broken glass would work - there would be a helluva lot of bloody nobs around, I think that you would agree.
I would say, take some pasta and egg in a plastic container for before and after training, or even better, baked potatoes cold are a great source of carbs!

Dear Mick,
What is the crack with this injectable silicone stuff? What does it actually do? I have heard that it swells the area up or something and can increase the size in a matter of hours. What is it all about and have I got it right? If it works that well, is it safe to have a go if it works that well?
My calves have always been a little under par and so have my pecs. Can you inject into these areas safely?
D. Kaplinsky,

I disagree with Mick totally;
energy bars work for ME!

Feed directly into Japs eye

Dear D,
I think that you have them mixed up mate. I will explain. The silicone thing can be done in two ways. First, as with boobs, they can implant it into virtually any body part to make it look instantly bigger - even in your dick! Ouch But to be honest, those who complain about gear and then have silicone type rubber implants on top of their muscles are total twats! That is cheating and TRUE! Shit, even with gear you have to train your balls of and then some to get results. Instant muscles - to fucking right they are. Next they will be able to pump them up to the desired size for any occasion.

As for the ones that increase the muscle size by swelling. Well that is something called ďPump Ďní Pose. It is an injection that is put directly into the muscle part that they are wanting to increase i.e. biceps, calves etc. It can last for as little as a few hours to days and longer now I believe. Competitors stick it in when they have a lagging body part. Personally I think it is a shit way and usually makes the area look smooth and in many cases out of proportion. (see pics).
Years ago there used to be a product called Essiclene (spelling?) which did the same thing and when injected made the area swell up about an inch or more and it had a type of anesthetic as part of its break down. It would have to be for me to use it - even though I never did! Not a furking prayer mate. To stick a 2Ē pin into my arse is bad enough, to stick it into my BICEP - NOT! I would sooner stick my head into a lions open jaws and whip itís LOVE SPUDS with a wet towel! Yeah, that much of a chance pal. My opinion? Leave it well alone, especially the silicone shit. As I have always said mate, once you have put it in - you ainít getting it out.

Lift weights - eat good food - sleep a lot and do it all again and again and again. You will find that THAT will work - guaranteed!

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