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The Online No Bull Collection


I do hope that you were sitting down when you received this issue!
I know it may have come as a shock, but think about this - no one was as shocked as me! But seriously folks, it has been a hard slog to try and catch up, but as we have now (or rather me), we will try and get the mag out to you as fast as possible.

Additions? I hope also, that you liked the new pictures from our man in the States, Eric Freimanis. I like to add a bit of variety and Eric has certainly done this without doubt - nice one mate! We have just been accepted to cover the Olympia and Eric is flying out to cover the show - hopefully, we will have all pictures by the time you have got this. If we are late, well at least we will have covered it - itís a first for the good old NO BULL Collection.

My good old mate, NO BULL original cartoonist, Tony (Fuckface) Neighbour gave me a call the other week and told me the reason that he had been away for so long. His little boy, Sam, had been ill with a variety of frightening problems but is now on the mend - thank God. We have dearly missed old Tony here, especially me, and I look forward to publishing the manís totally SICK sense of humour in the up and coming issues. Nice to have to back with us mate, but it must be awful for you living south of Watford - our northern hearts and flat caps go out to you. We have gas here in the North now you know?

RADIO FAME - again!
Donít know whether you heard me on the radio on September 22nd (or thereabouts), it was one of those ďalthtetic seasonĒ steroid question-type programs that usually crop up especially when the Olympics are on or looming. Anyway, the usual questions were asked, ďdo you actually believe that British athletes are on steroids....Ē and so on, etc etc. My usual returned serves were put into action, and as usual, returned unlistened to. However, one question was asked me that was not usual. It was regarding steroids and their point in law AND whether or not they should be put into the same category as the hardest drugs, i.e. heroin, cocaine etc - Category A!

I gave my answer to which they did not broadcast, so I will give it to them here in the NO BULL - my way.
Answer it yourself after reading this! How many steroids make you as high as heroin or coke? In a straight race, how many would die of heroin usage as opposed to steroids? How many HAVE died of hard drugs as opposed to steroids -honestly? To put steroids in the SAME category as the harder drugs would be the mistake of the century. Why? Well, for instance, a shot of sustanon is about a fiver -yeah? OK, organised crime moves in on an even BIGGER scale simply because would be more illegal -what happens - that shot goes up to more like fifty quid per shot. More problems, more counterfiets, even MORE problems like we would have ever seen.
They cannot see it can they. Most steroids are counterfiet anyway, so they are barking up a wrong tree to start with.

We have had loads of kind comments about the NO BULL mag - thanks for that people, it is really what keeps us going. Thatís really true because there ainít no fucking money in this game I can tell ya. However, it seems that we have also had a few comments from a few ladies about some of the pictures that we have had in. I think that they made them a little, well, er uneasy is a good word. Now then, do you LADIES really REALLY honestly say that because your lives are so boring? Is it that your lives are so, well, low down simply because you just DONíT have a laugh? Awww, címon, it must be. Also, what does your husband do to make you feel horny? It has gotta be something nice and wierd - if not, it cannot be fun can it really.

Bet you have a bodypart pierced. Why not pierce your lips - both sets, that would do us all a favour - try a staple gun! As for the rolling pin picture? Well donít worry, you donít have to do that really - or do you? Or have you? Or was it you in the picture you little scamp? Nice arse anyhow!! Now please FUCK OFF back to your Vegan, possible single, definitely celibate, greenpeace, nun-like, non-smoking, non drinking, no wanking, no tit-fuck mate but use-me-arse-tonight - please love sort of boring life and let US get on with taking the piss out of the rest of life itself. Why I hear you ask? Well, it is ALL a fucking joke anyway and IF doing anything that not only makes ME laugh, but others too, then it is all worth it. By the way, did you have anything to do with the Millenium Dome? And is it true a dinosaur lesbian would be called a ďLickalotapussĒ? I rest my case. Maybe you should not try and sneak a peak at a really good mag eh luvver, you donít have to pick the NO BULL COLLECTION up now do you? Or do you...........?

Finally, if YOU, the reader has any REALLY funny pics, please send them in and we will, (after pissing ourselves laughing) be happy to print them with a guarantee that your name and address will be safe. Until then, stay happy, stay hungry, train hard and remember most of all - FUCK ĎEM ALL and enjoy life - we do.....!



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