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Here's the ONLY place you'll learn ALL the secrets of bodybuilding and anabolic steroids use, told by a genuine expert, with nothing held back...

"Learn How You Can Instantly Access The Greatest Gold-Mine, Of Easy To Understand, 100% Useful, Bodybuilding And Anabolic Steroids Advice Ever Crammed Into One Place..."

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Need any Support please visit our Online Ticketing Support Page found by clicking this link
or going to www.nobullcollection.co.uk

Introducing Mick Hart's Private No Bull Discussion

If you are looking for MUCH more than just another board, this is it... A totally uncensored "Bodybuilding & Anabolic steroids Discussion and Consultation Board"... personally moderated by one of the worlds leading experts, where you can ask your questions about bodybuilding, training, steroids, injuries, supplements etc. and receive real "No Bull" answers 24 hours a day...

...No other board has a moderator with Mick's knowledge and experience... and there is no other board anywhere which offers you access to such privileged information. You are about to learn how to join the ranks of a very elite group...

Here's exactly what you'll get as 
a No Bull Board Member...

  • At last a place to get the down and dirty on bodybuilding, the secrets that most people don't even know - so they can't tell you even if they wanted to. This is where Mick shares the wisdom that only years of "in-the-trench" experience can give you... the same information that has created many champions.

  • Access to closely guarded inside information that's normally only reserved for the professionals and those in the know.

  • Answers to all your questions - it doesn't matter what you want to ask, no subject here is taboo, just be sure you're ready to see honest answers! You get to question me on anything regarding training, nutrition and drugs. This is absolutely the next best thing after my personal consultation services... but at a fraction of the cost. 

  • You will only meet serious people - the No Bull Board is full of totally like minded, serious, dedicated people. Not the idiots that join most of the other boards and ruin them... but fellow bodybuilders and other athletes who share the same goals and ambitions as yourself. Athletes who possess a huge amount of real "in the trenches" knowledge, as well as the desire to impart it with YOU. As one member recently stated... "What's great about this board is that people not only know what they're talking about, but TAKE the TIME to demonstrate it. Awesome"

  • It provides the essential "environment of support" - I have often said that bodybuilding is a lonely sport, and it's true. What you gotta have to get through the lows this game brings is a place where you can talk with people who really understand what you mean, and when your sport is bodybuilding that's not easy to find.

  • Faster gains - once you can cut through the crap, and access real info, then slow gains will be a thing of the past, of that I can assure you.

  • Sick and perverted jokes, witty cracks, new expletives, and more... Now bodybuilding is great, we love it but that doesn't mean we have to take it, or ourselves too seriously all the time, and on the No Bull Board we don't?!?!

  • You get to know the rest of the "Bulls" - The board isn't just about Mick Hart, there are a whole bunch of extremely knowledgeable "Bulls" on the board who are willing to share what they know with you.

  • A camaraderie that few boards will ever know - I am very proud of the "family" that we are developing here, already we have met up on several occasions with many of the board member's (I call them "Bulls"). There is a special bonding on the board (which is not normal to find online) that really does make this a special place.

  • And for a limited time only - I am making you a very special offer should you decide to join us (see more details below).

...Below you will learn exactly how you can access this amazing resource all within the next few minutes.

A Personal Message from Mick:

Let me tell you about something extremely important if you want to build some serious lean muscle... Success starts with knowledge.

And the single biggest problem you have if you want to develop a serious physique, is to avoid the minefield of bullshit "knowledge" that is offered by the self proclaimed trainers and gurus (who really know very little), and find the REAL information that WILL take you where you want to go... muscled, lean, ripped and healthy!!

But it's not just the uneducated jerks out there that will stop your progress with their lousy advice, no my friend - you have it tougher than that. Yes, even the "off-the-shelf-muscle-mags" are also full of useless crap. But you already knew that right? Well it's true - they are designed to sell supplements and not to really inform you about how to get big and ripped...

"As a new member, I have already seen that I will be making this board my home for everything related to bodybuilding/training. All questions are answered quickly and you can be assured that the answer you get is backed by years of professional experience. The knowledge is invaluable, much less getting advice on your training and supplementation directly!

The other side is that the guys here are FRIENDLY, have a great sense of humour, and only want to help you succeed. They share my addiction to iron!

Other boards are full of people who are just there to chat or look at pictures or talk about Oprah's next diet....NOT No Bull!!! I'm confident that Mick will keep it that way!"

Texas Power
Board Member

...There's no need to waste your time anymore because as a member of the No Bull Board you will only ever receive USEFUL information

Let me give you an example; just in case you doubt what you can achieve when you access real information. Take a look at what I did with my son Chris in just under 1 year, with only a tiny bit of steroids! (If you have seen this pictures before on my site(s) forgive the repetition, it's just to make a point)


Now it wasn't the steroids that did this, they were merely the icing on the cake, it was the fact that Chris followed a plan I made for him, one which took him from zero to British Qualifier in less than 12 months. And that plan meant he used the best resource available to build your body... information that works

...You see I have already learned most of the lessons that bodybuilding can teach, and I simply passed them onto him. And below you will read about exactly how you too can access that same advice 7 days a week - like having a resident bodybuilding expert "on tap" waiting to answer all your questions!

Most bodybuilders are insane... are you?

It's true, most bodybuilders are actually insane. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This perfectly describes the dogmatic training and eating habits of most bodybuilders.

Many times you will see a bodybuilder in the gym who has not changed his / her appearance one bit in several years and yet is perfectly content to continue on with the same training practices, nutrition habits etc.

If you are not making gradual progress then you need to change something, and if you're still following the same advice that got you little results then unless you change that - you already know what to expect in the future; yup, more of the same, and expecting anything else would be insane.

So if you REALLY want to take this sport seriously, then you need to change the advice you follow.

Cut out the learning curve by going directly
to the "Holy Grail" of bodybuilding information 

If you really want to achieve something in the gym then you have to quit wasting time, and I mean NOW. You see we get lazy, most bodybuilders don't have (or follow) good advice, and often they get lulled into thinking there's plenty of time, but you know what - there isn't.

You need to start following serious muscle building advice NOW, and not waste even 1 more workout listening to fools who make no progress. This is where the No Bull Board can help you...

...How would you like to have 24-hour-a-day-access to a training and steroid resource, where you can literally ask ANY question and be guaranteed of a quality answer based on years of real experience? And I mean the type of quality answers which take you to where you want to go! I am talking about the real deal here, not just another "me too" free board filled with unknowns who offer unproven advice.

Well it's here, and probably long overdue - "The No Bull Board" - the holy grail of bodybuilding knowledge. You'll get much more than an outstanding bodybuilding and steroid forum - this board will be personally managed and moderated by myself. 

So what makes me qualified to offer this advice?

Let me quickly tell you...

  • I have written best selling steroid and bodybuilding books
  • I publish my own rebel independent magazine, the "infamous" No Bull Collection
  • For years I have been recognized as the UK's leading steroid expert
  • I am the steroid advisor to the majority of the British media

But most importantly...

  • I have competed at a high level myself, so I speak from experience
  • And I have coached and trained no less than 80 first places, 70 seconds and more than 20 thirds in the last four years alone - many at the highest levels too!

And on the No Bull Board you will have instant access to all that knowledge, because I personally monitor it.

It's like a "home-from-home" being here! (and it is ALWAYS here, no matter where you are in the world you can log onto talk to like minded people ).

It doesn't even have to be the raw information but the fact that you CAN AND WILL get help if you need it. No one is trying to rip anyone off and if someone doesn't know something they will say so rather than trying to bull-shit you to appear clever.

"...it just feels nice to know that you CAN ask questions here and get help..."

Board Member

"This is direct access to one of 
the world's top training experts..." 

There is not another board anywhere on the Internet that is managed and moderated by someone who has coached 80 first placed athletes in the last 4 years alone. I'm not trying to "blow my own trumpet" here, it's just a fact.

This means that the knowledge available to you here is simply not easily available anywhere else, and I won't hold anything back, that's just not my style.

You can ask ANYTHING, we can openly discuss ANYTHING; steroids, nutrition, supplements, suppliers, cycles, stacks etc. There will be no censorship...AND you can be assured that I will be watching and controlling the content so that no one gets false information or ripped off.  

"... if you are looking for QUALITY information on ALL aspects of bodybuilding along with a friendly environment and a collective of like minded individuals then this is THE place to be. The internet is full of boards offering useless (often dangerous information) and you certainly won't find any of that here. Most boards operate purely as an advertising medium and are biased in their opinions, often with their profits in mind.

I have been on many bodybuilding web sites and this is the only one I would call home. Real people with real lives who will help you achieve your hopes and dreams as well as share all of your troubles and misfortunes; all with an added touch of humour and friendship. We are here because bodybuilding is our lives..."

Board Member

"Like Having Hands On 24/7 Personal Coaching.."

I do offer personal "one on one" coaching - but I know that many people are not yet at the stage where they need such a level of consultation. However, many people do need, (and have asked me to offer), a certain level of coaching - answering questions about training, nutrition, drugs, all kinds of stacks and cycle advice - and YES steroid supplier information.

So this is exactly what the new board is all about. More than just a discussion board - a real "Uncensored Questions and Answers" on any topic you wish to ask - including ALL steroid confidentialities, and you can be guaranteed that the information is as good as it gets.

I would consider myself one of the many fans of No Bull Board. For me the board has all the information that I would want in a way that actually makes me want to read it. With some of the other body-building / training websites and forums the information is delivered in a format not to educate but seemingly to show how intelligent the writer is and how ignorant the reader is. 

This one gives you the information straight to the point but with a healthy attitude of humour in itself. The best thing that I find is as was mentioned before the information comes from real people who are as genuinely interested in your success as you are yourself

Board Member

All Best of All, You Get it for Less than
the Cost of 1 Lousy Beer a Week

Yes, even though I charge people thousands of dollars for the same kind of advice, I'm offering it you, here and now, for less than a measly 50 cents a day.

It's true, for a long time my most lucrative consulting has been my "Advice Line" where people happily pay me either $750 a week or $1400 a month for ongoing telephone, fax and email support including regular "get togethers" to visually see progress.

My accountant thinks I'm stupid, he told me I will do permanent and serious damage to my consulting business, by giving the same info away for a real fraction of my "Advice Line" prices. But you know what I don't believe him and I don't care.

I want to make this board like nothing ever seen before, I hate the mainstream mags with their lies and hypocrisy and I want to get real info out to the regular bodybuilder in the street who cannot afford $750 a week. You see that guy will never have a chance if he can't access info like this.

But let me explain something, these prices WILL NOT LAST FOREVER. I don't know when and I don't know by how much, but the 50 cents a day will not last forever, you can count on that.

Here's how the membership subscription works...

Membership costs $14.95 US Dollars a month - about 10 Pounds Sterling, plus a $49.95 initial subscription fee. Let me explain why we have this initial fee...

... In the past we have had cases where people have joined the board, and for a full month asked me all their questions, (including where they can buy steroids), they have received complete cycles with dosages etc, massive amounts of nutrition advice, been told which supplements to take and when, plus trade secrets about cutting and competition preparation... and then when their month was up they asked for their money back using our guarantee...

... The result was they had a full month of consultation with me and never paid a penny. Now that's not playing the game, hence I introduced the initial subscription fee along with the small monthly amount.

Now the purpose of this board is to put REAL INSIDE information in hands of the regular guy, for a fair and reasonable... and highly affordable amount of money... not to have freeloaders blatantly take the piss out of me. Hence the $49.95 initial fee is there to prevent that in the future.

The actual monthly subscription fee is only $14.95 -- I made it this because it's about 10 pounds sterling, which really is ridiculously low... it equates to a daily amount of 50 cents a day (approx 30 Pence)

This amount is nothing compared to what bad information can cost you. I personally know hundreds of people who have either been ripped off or who have literally wasted loads of cash on training and steroids over the years - money that they could have saved with good advice. I'm sure you know of similar cases as well.

Well let's just put this 50 cents a day into perspective for a moment. What can you actually buy for 50 cents (30 pence) a day? Imagine if you smoked (maybe you do) it's less than 2 cigarettes would cost you. In the UK it's less than the cost of 1 beer a week (actually it probably is where ever you live).

When you consider what is on offer, this kind of investment in knowledge for yourself is exactly that - an investment, not a cost!

Let's face it - what use is it spending hundreds a month on gym fees, supplements, food, steroids (maybe) if you don't have the knowledge necessary to maximize the benefits of all your spending and training.

Without proper knowledge you could be wasting huge amounts of time and money. It is pure common sense to find and invest in a reliable source of information...

(IMPORTANT NEWS -- SAVE $49.95 -- for an EXTREMELY LIMTED TIME ONLY I am going to waive the $49.95 initial fee, see full details below)

"But Mick, Why Should I Pay at All
When There Are Free Boards?"

There are indeed many other boards out there, many of them are free and some who do charge may cost you less than the No Bull Board will - in money terms that is - you may well end up paying much more with your health!!!

For example there is a certain very big discussion board that many people read and take on board some of the most BULLSHIT info that I have ever seen. Now this particular "board" is very well known and, as I said, lots of people go on there seeking the big secrets... But it's not happening folks. Many of the readers then come back to me to re-answer this garbage info they get. 

What I discovered recently, is that there are kids as young as 13 and 14 answering questions to bodybuilders making out that they are someone they are not! 

On one occasion, this guy (kid) was giving out stacks and cycles that were absolutely unbelievable and above all, dangerous. Be very careful people as you cannot ever be sure as to who you are chatting to

The stacks that I have seen could kill a bull and I suggest that you do NOT follow any stack or cycle unless they, at the very least, make some sense. Your lives CAN be at risk if you do... and I am NOT exaggerating.

There is no tried and tested way to police the 'Net for such things and to be honest the authorities would not really give a shit now would they? Be VERY careful with free information, and for your own good NEVER take advice from a source you cannot trust - it's YOUR health that's at stake.

Really though there is NO NEED to take these unnecessary risks when for less than 50 cents a day you can join the No Bull Board and get outstanding, genuine and above all RELIABLE information on all aspects of training, nutrition and drugs.

"As With Everything In Life You 
Get What You Pay For..."

There is no doubting the quality of the information available to you on the No Bull Board - and you KNOW that I am always on there - always available to you. I'm not new to this game. I have been advising athletes at all levels on bodybuilding, training and steroids for many years. This is information you can trust!

There will be no 13 year old kids, no idiots - just serious people, real knowledge, and the security of knowing that you can speak with someone who has trained 80 first placed athletes in the last 4 years alone. Now ask yourself a question. Where else can you do that?

"Act NOW - Prices WILL Increase Later" 

I said it above, but let me repeat it so that you are completely warned. This board is still relatively new, and will improve with time as the "database" of "questions & answers" and knowledge grows. As a result I will definitely be raising the prices in the future. So take advantage now of this offer, and give your training the edge it needs - REAL NO BULL KNOWLEDGE

Don't wait, it just doesn't make any sense at all to wait, not for the money we are talking about. When you subscribe right away you will lock in your $14.95 per month for as long as you remain a member... irrespective of how much we increase prices you will NEVER pay more.

Just a collection of like minded people from around the globe, Sharing their opinions and experiences. And without the holier than thou attitude seen elsewhere.

It's all done with respect and good humour, I'm hooked.

Board Member

And Everything is Backed by 
My Personal "No Bull" Guarantee

I am so confident that you will be TOTALLY delighted by the quality of the board that I offer you a full No Bull guarantee. If EVER you want to cancel your subscription, I will not only cancel it but also refund your current month's cash as well (so if that's your first month, you will have paid NOTHING). There are NO time limits - NO exceptions - NO reasons required - NO strings of any kind. Just email me, let me know and thats it. You have absolutely NO RISK.

In Fact It's Better than NO RISK

Yes - it's actually better than NO RISK, because not only will you get your money back, as I have just explained, BUT you also get to keep the FREE ebook "Tears on a Keyboard" and if you choose to benefit from any of the other bonuses you also get to keep them at the discounted prices.

I fully understand that some people will join up, get the ebook and bonuses and then cancel their membership - but that is my risk! I accept the fact that a few bums will take advantage of me here, but I will gladly accept this risk so that genuine people have NO RISK AT ALL.

Best Board - Best Price - Best Guarantee

There is NO better deal on the Internet if you are looking for a serious, reliable and trustworthy bodybuilding and steroid knowledge resource. The only question that remains is will YOU take advantage of it. You owe it to yourself to try it at least - risk free. You have nothing to lose.

Not Sure About it - Well Let Me Make 
You an Offer You Simply Can't Refuse

I understand that even though there is a better than no risk guarantee, you still may not be sure what to do. So what about this... for an extremely limited period only I am going to WAIVE the initial $49.95 fee BUT ONLY IF YOU ACT NOW can you be assured of this. (I reserve the right to add this back at will and without any notice whatsoever.)

This means you can try us for 30 full days completely free of charge, and completely risk free... let me explain...

If during your first month you decide you DO NOT want to continue your membership you simply email us and we will cancel your membership instantly, and we will REFUND your first months $14.95 -- If however, you are (as we expect you will be), delighted with the board then your membership continues at the normal rates automatically, to ensure you get uninterrupted access to the Board.

Act NOW and you'll also get the following...

  • 50% discount on my personal consultation rates. If you ever feel you need more attention than you can get electronically on the board, you can contract me for personal consultations that include telephone and "one on one" contact at a huge 50% discount on my normal rates. This same service has been used by Olympic athletes and bodybuilders at all levels right up to Olympia competitors. As a board member if you ever need it, it's half price !!

  • A more than 50% Discount on the electronic versions of my two best selling steroid books "The Laymans Guide to steroids I and II" - These book currently sell for 29 Pounds (approx $42 US Dollars) in my online store, but you as a member can have them for only $19 US Dollars (about 13 Pounds)

  • TOTALLY FREE - the electronic version of "Tears on a Keyboard". A story that EVERY bodybuilder MUST read. This is for sale for 9.95 Pounds (approx $15 US Dollars) in my online store, but is FREE to you as a member, simply because I want you to read it.

  • A 25% discount on your subscription to the "Online No Bull Collection" - I have been offering a fully electronic version of the No Bull Collection for some time now and it is proving a massive hit. As the No Bull was not available on the shelves of magazine stores (no one with the balls to sell such a hardcore mag), it meant that it could only be obtained through mail order - but the cost of international shipping made the No Bull a little pricey for some people. So the new "Online No Bull Collection" has reduced that cost and it means that you can have your own No Bull at real prices. And as a No Bull Board Member you get a further 25% discount.

  • A 10% discount on all videos, supplements, books etc. in my online store (except the No Bull Collection - paper version). Just send me your board username when you make the order and we'll deduct the discount.

  • Discounts on all future books and products produced by Mick Hart Training Systems.

So Let's Resume...

For an EXTREMELY limited time only... you have the opportunity to test the No Bull Bodybuilding and Steroid Consultation and Discussion Board under these terms:

  • You pay just $14.95 (about 10 English Pounds) a month, and lock that price for life, (this means that even when we put the price up to $29,95 a month you will NEVER pay a penny more than your $14.95)
  • I will waive the $49.95 initial fee for you
  • Plus all the other great bonuses you have just read about
  • And you get the whole job lot completely RISK FREE -  if you are not 110% totally happy just tell us, and we cancel your membership - no questions asked, if you do this within the first 30 days then it won't have cost you a single penny.

You will probably NEVER get a better opportunity to get access to this type of information. As you discovered earlier, there is not another board anywhere on the Internet that is managed and moderated by someone who has coached 80 first placed athletes in the last 4 years alone. This information can be yours NOW by simply clicking on the link below.

I look forward to seeing you inside.

Don't Wait Another Moment! Stop Wasting Time
And Energy Following Dodgy Advice Now!...

Best Wishes,

Mick Hart.

P.S. - Are you still wondering what to do? Is it because of the cash? As I said before what use is it spending hundreds a month on gym fees, supplements, food, steroids (maybe) if you don't have the knowledge necessary to maximize the benefits of all your spending and training? Without proper knowledge you could be wasting huge amounts of time and money. 

Now get serious. Isn't it worth much more than $14.95 (risk free) for access to a discussion board with real "Uncensored Questions and Answers" on any topic you wish to ask - including ALL steroid confidentialities, where you can be guaranteed that the information is as good as it gets?

Of course it is. Stop procrastinating. Take action now and invest in YOURSELF. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hell even the audio interviews bonus mean you get the deal of your life here... so please don't put this off for another day...

This could be the most important step you ever take to getting the knowledge and body you have always wanted, so why wait, get your RISK FREE membership now.

"What's great about this board is that people not only know what they're talking about, but TAKE the TIME to demonstrate it. Awesome."

Texas Power
Board Member

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